Faintest Idea (UK) x The Sensitives (SWE) | Support: Borgzinner

One eve. Two headliners. If these acts don't make you dance, nothing will.

Faintest Idea (UK) are a ska-punk band with deep, hard hitting dual vocals and addictive brass. From there energetic live performance, its no suprise they have an ever growing army of loyal fans. Mixing an exciting concoction of their influences - The Filaments, Rancid, Inner terrestrials,The specials,Toots and the Maytales etc; this band has its own sonic blast punk injected sound that is to rare to comprehend on its own!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Faintestidea
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faintest_idea
Bandcamp: https://faintestidea.bandcamp.comn

The Sensitives (SWE) is a rough-haired mixed race dog of punk, rock’n’roll, SKA and folk! It’s been touring around Europe, playing over 400 shows, spreading its musical wild oat resulting in a solid fanbase of people who, to their knockout punk, raises their middle finger to racism and sexism. The band have always kept the energy on a constant high, jumping between different styles and switching between the two singers Martin and Paulina, driven by the never resting Magnus behind the drums! The new album, Patch It Up and Go! is no different!

Feet will be moving, hips will be shaking and throats will be singing!



Borgzinner (Skacore, DE) was active from 2008 - 2021 under its old name "La Familia" and has already toured through more than 20 different countries, a right-wing covid-denier group was formed during the pandemic and took the same name for itself. With a decidedly antifascist stance, the 13-year-old band name was quickly and consistently dropped.

Thematically and musically, Borgzinner moves far away from a positive ska-vibe. It is much more anger, despair and the empowerment of the struggle for individual identities and basic attitudes that are processed at an average speed of 220 BPM.




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